We all know about the harmful effect the sun can have on our eyes.

But, there's a lot more to our aviation sunglasses than giving you 100% UVA / UVB protection, which they do of course. Mile High sunglasses, which conform to British, European and US safety standards, are made from a tough and shatterproof polycarbonate that will protect your eyes from flying debris or worse in the event of an accident.

What really makes our sunglasses so special though is the aviator-specific package that's offered, at a great price. Every pair we sell, including the prescription option, includes the following as standard:

MileHigh High-quality lightweight, shatterproof polycarbonate frames, with good flex, rubber nose pieces and rubber side-arm inserts / extensions for an ultra-comfortable fit
MileHigh Light-enhancing Category 0 lenses, for cloudy and dull weather conditions. These improve the contrast and brightness of your vision
MileHigh Category 2 lenses, for superb contrast on brighter days. Our Cat 2's are the perfect all-rounders for most conditions, because unlike 'normal' sunglass lenses, they do not reduce light to the point where you're struggling to see what you are doing
MileHigh Category 3 lenses for bright days - these are 'standard' lenses
MileHigh Category 4 ‘smoked’ lenses, for extreme bright conditions
MileHigh A very high quality carry-case, with cushioned internal pouches for the extra lenses, belt loops and a belt clip for easy attachment to your trousers
MileHigh An anti-static cleaning clot
MileHigh Instructions on how to change the lenses (in various languages)

Flying instructor John Haffenden prepares for a flight at Headcorn Airfield in Kent. John wears Aviate prescription glasses.

Prescription Frames
Here at Rapid Eyewear, we believe that clip-on's and fit-over's don't look very nice - and judging from the feedback we receive from our customers, most of you agree with us! Our stand-alone frames look just like a normal pair of sunglasses, but of course, they are not; lurking behind the smoked / coloured front section is a prescription lens clip, which can be fitted-out by any reputable optician.

Note: We are able to offer customers a complete package inclusive of their prescription being added, at prices typically 50% of those charged by 'high street' opticians. For an extra £30 for a basic prescription and £55 for bifocals (in addition to the price of the glasses), you can buy the complete package today! Simply call us on 01622 670434 and buy using a credit / debit card, and don't forget to have your prescription details to hand. Please be aware that we cannot arrange to have varifocal lenses added, since this requires the presence of the customer at the opticians. If you wear varifocals, please purchase the frames only and take them to your regular optician for lens fitting.

Our Range
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